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My clients share many common challenges and triumphs, but their underlying stories are unique. That’s why my process is individualized…and always will be!

Hi, I’m Caroline, a success focused and creative person just like you.

Studies show that 75% of all people feel stuck personally and professionally. It’s not surprising to me, because I have been there. Being stuck is a “big bucket of pain”! It leads to feelings of “life is passing me by”.

What is the cost of being STUCK and staying STUCK?

Can I be brutally honest? How is it possible that so many people feel  stuck? Or, another way that I hear people say it is, “Something is still missing that I haven’t gotten to.” Or, “Is this all there is?” Or, “Even when I’m having fun, I still don’t feel the JOY I should!”   

I feel like the personal growth industry has left people unsatisfied. All the years of therapy, the programs, all the inspiring teachers and speakers, all the things we signed up for, all the books we’ve read, etc. Yet, for all the promises of results, where has it really gotten people at the level of the HEART?

So how do we overcome these personal growth stopping points? What’s missing? Let’s consider the framework that really gets to the blind spots and why it works. It’s the system of energy/mind centers known as the chakras. It starts with an assessment and then it’s “where to go next,” not “what to do.” 

The chakras are positioned up the entire nervous system and are akin to our life force energy. They connect our inner and outer worlds. And these worlds must connect in order to solve the mysterious, the unsolvable.

This is what people Yearn for!

Does this require a deeper dive? Yes!  Are deeper dives harder? Yes!  Are they more complicated? Yes! 
Do they require more intuition? Yes!  Do you get to experience a payoff that is “off the charts?”  Yes! 

I know how to open up the energy, and move it up through the system. This rising energy (charge) of “POSSIBILITY” and “CELEBRATION”  sets me apart in my field. Together, we create a sacred space, a collaborative container for feeling into the issues, slowing down to see what’s going on underneath (where others gloss over). We go beyond the symptoms, beyond the ordinary.

I want you to achieve your dreams!

    Caroline is a soulful healer. All my sessions with her have been deeply rich with transformative results. Her ability to tune in to your spirit with unconditional love and truth is profound. She is a gentle guide with a humanitarian heart!

    If you are looking for recalibration and centered support she will deliver this to you! ~ Melissa B.


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My Journey

I’ve done some things. I know some things.

My history has been rich with over 25 years of experience from a career in Commercial Real Estate Banking in large super regional banks, to starting my own Empowerment and Wealth Consciousness boutique coaching company approximately 9 years ago.

While in banking, I learned how to “play the game” while not compromising my values or the institutions, EVER! I learned the power of individual leadership, teamwork, compromise, collaboration and negotiation.

Yes, I experienced discrimination, unfair decisions and completely crappy bosses! I also experienced amazing treatment, had wonderful colleagues and extraordinary bosses!

Over time, I discovered that corporate America was not the right place for me. Every experience shaped who I am today and contributed to my deep understanding of what’s missing for most people in their life right now. And I can say that with authority because I have lived it!

Let me explain my story.

For as long as I can remember, I have pondered the human condition and what makes people tick. I was always attracted to psychology, health and “quality of life”! I knew something was missing even in my early life. But, I didn’t know exactly what that meant.

It started with college, focusing on a degree in health and nutrition. When college ended, in order to pay the bills, I ended up in Commercial Real Estate Banking! I liked it.

Although things were great and moving along as intended, I was completely overdoing everything! It felt like I was striving and striving and never arriving! I was having those same nagging feelings of “something is missing”! Even with my background in health (including psychology) and a Master of nutrition, I ended up with chronic fatigue.

I was dragging myself to the office and wondering, “how could this happen to ME with all my knowledge of health and nutrition?” I thought, “this doesn’t fit, this isn’t going to work!”

That’s when I started other explorations and a deep dive into ancient Ayurvedic Medicine. I entered the Practitioner Program at Kripalu Center for Yoga and Health. More followed including extensive training in sound and color therapy. When I healed and bounced back, I knew what I wanted.

I left corporate America because I had this other passion and it was driving me and I could not ignore it. It also confirmed what I always knew to be true. There is a mind/body/emotion/spiritual connection that is missing in everything. It’s missing in western health paradigms and it’s missing in so much more, including corporate America.

So there I was, launching my own business, networking, super healthy and pounding the pavement. I’m doing my thing because I’m a high achiever. Then, before I knew it, I’m heading down that same exhaustion path.

This time, I stopped sooner to find a balanced way. I knew I needed a little help, so I took a leap of faith and hired the perfect mentor/coach. I learned and personally experienced how the chakras are used to free feelings in a deeper way. A way that moves energy up through the system! And now I’m an expert at helping you NOT sit on these emotions and get stuck.

I reflect on my time at the Center for Grieving Children where I was a facilitator for 4 years giving back as a volunteer. I witnessed the gift of feeling, the gift of moving feelings through. It helped pull it all together for me. It’s the warrior’s way. It’s the only way to thrive and to experience every piece of your aliveness!

When I hear clients say “I’ve had a complete rebirth” or “I wasn’t sure what to expect, but you killed it” or “I’m stepping into my power in a new way,” this is why I do the work that I love. This is why I’m so passionate about it!

It’s all about the HEART for me!