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This is bigger than a technique. This is deep, inner, work with a mission – to get you out of stuck and into your power. You already possess what it takes. It’s possible for you to feel a completely different way. No one-size-fits-all here.

Inner resistance - the 4 places people get stuck

  • resistance built-in from the past
  • resistance to big goals
  • resistance to shining with confidence
  • resistance to consistent action

The Healing Shift

Chains Of the Past ~ Uncover & Heal Past Roots
New Clarity: “I now understand how my family paradigm has created my life! How their unconscious rules and vows caused me anxiety, self-doubt, over analyzing mistakes, staying stuck in procrastination and never feeling REALLY safe.”

New Inner State: “I feel much more free from the past! I feel lighter, like a weight has been lifted off me. I’m more grounded, strong, safe, self-confident and powerfully in my body. I’m experiencing more self love and a glow that is noticeable!”

The Empowerment Shift

The Angry Mob ~ Heal Forward into Empowerment
New Clarity: “I now understand who I really am, my true gifts and sources of power. I now see how I block my own power. How moving and evolving my emotions liberates the energy, desire and passion I need to take bigger action...and how guilt, striving to prove, perfectionism and fear of shining brightly...turn into destructive cycles.”

New Inner State: Clients say: “I feel my inner value, a new confidence, enthusiasm, REAL, connected, a will-ingness to take risks and shine, excited to speak and act in new ways. I know longer need to prove “I deserve". Others can see the changes.

The Belief & Possibilities Shift

Bars of the Cage ~ Define a Radically New Future
New Clarity: “I now understand how my goals and dreams both inspire and trigger unconscious resistance and fear. I see how my self-belief was impacted by past events and how that has held me back and kept me playing small. It is crucial to trust in myself again.”

New Inner State: Clients say: “I feel open, curious, excited, inspired and ready to trust in the possibility of having more, being more, and feeling even more….including miracles.”

The Action and Upleveling Shift

The Quicksand Pit ~ Consistent Motivation & Action
New Clarity: “I now understand exactly how I self-defeat and self-sabotage in old patterns when trying to accomplish something BIG. I have integrated new ways of staying in the energy of “inspired action”. Up-leveling requires inner work, support and accountability to go further.”

New Inner State: Clients say: “I feel accomplished, validated, important and celebratory. I’m thriving and flourishing and ready for more.”

Out of stuck and into your power! True to my mission, I provide multiple time tested empowerment breakthrough sessions that bring 4 major energy shifts for impact, change and big results. As we co-create, you are transforming your relationship with your own personal power.

Why choose me?


I bring a breadth of knowledge and years of experience as well as intuition. I see everything, including all the steps and protocols that have a high certainty of success. I have personal experience of your pain, including the snowballing costs over time.


Together, we create a safe container. You are not alone. I’m “all in” on your journey with unflinching support. You get unstuck and back on track so you get there faster! I fight for your right to show up as you. Finally, the past becomes the past.


Success focused people are all too familiar with the term, “all work and no play”. Celebration is a rising charge of energy that you need. It’s an important part of your goal, staying the course  and part of what I bring!

  Through deep session work, Caroline helped me create a personal map of my money so I was able to see how my past beliefs about money blocked the flow of money into my life! It has been SO eye-opening!
    She showed me how false beliefs about money have emotions attached to them. Those emotions needed to shift and evolve in order for me to let in abundance and take bigger action. Within a fairly short period of time, I started to earn more money and literally doubled my annual income!
    Now, I’m pursuing a whole new future! I’m stepping into my power in a new way and it’s a feeling I love.  ~ Abbie M.

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Money and wealth are a secret pandora’s box

Uncovering and mapping your mind-body-money/wealth connection is one of my superpowers! I promise you that when we work on money, a whole paradigm is revealed that tells you about your survival pattern and value – how much you are allowed to feel good about yourself, to have joy and pleasure in your life and to look and feel confident.