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Testimonial One

When I met Caroline, my husband had just passed away and then my long term employer reorganized and I lost my job. I was overwhelmed and exhausted. It felt like I had the weight of the world on my shoulders. I didn’t know who I was anymore, and I needed a little help.  

A friend suggested I work with Caroline, and it’s been totally life changing.  Every session with her is personalized to me, where I am in my journey and what is going on for me. Caroline is insightful and easy to talk to, which helped me to get comfortable sharing myself. The processes Caroline expertly guides me through are really about getting to the emotional blindspots, the places I can’t see by myself. 

After only a couple of sessions, I started to feel lighter and have more moments of joy. As old, stuck rules and emotions shift, I have more and more power to go after what I want. My work with her has really catalyzed change for me.

Over time, I’m experiencing more energy and my creative side is re-emerging. It’s as if I’m on a whole new path, a literal rebirth! I’m seeing a bright new future, and people around me are noticing my joy! I’m finally landing as my authentic bubbly self. I’ve gotten ME back! Why would I stop now? I’m looking forward to cultivating more and seeing where I can go next!                     ~ Michelle G. 

Testimonial Two

I met Caroline several years ago and started going to her monthly workshops. Eventually, I wanted to work one-on-one with her to see if she could help me improve my personal relationship with money. Through deep session work, Caroline helped me create a personal map of my money so I was able to see how my past beliefs about money blocked the flow of money into my life! It has been SO eye-opening!

She showed me how false beliefs about money have emotions attached to them. Those emotions needed to shift and evolve in order for me to let in abundance and take bigger action. I was caught in a cycle of perfectionism and she helped me see what was underneath. Within a fairly short period of time, I started to earn more money and literally doubled my annual income!

Caroline sees things in me that I wasn’t able to see in myself. Her belief in me and support is unwavering and that means so much to me. Because of all the shifts I’ve experienced, I now have the confidence and certainty to explore pathways that I once felt were out of my reach. Now, I’m pursuing a whole new future! Of course, I still have some fear, but now I’m excited and don’t let my fear stop me. I’m stepping into my power in a new way and it’s a feeling I love. I now know that I’m not in a “box” and there are truly no limits!       ~ Abbie M.