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The Alchemy of Blue

Originally posted: June 12, 2018 

Blue is the Music of the Stars 

Blue is a very special color to me because it’s one of my Life Colors! It is the sixth color on our journey through the visible, spectral rainbow. BLUE is peace and tranquility and stillness. Blue is the gentle rocking of the primordial sea, the background of our universe!     

As with all the colors, Blue has important messages and wisdom. This color is like the North Star, a guiding light, the Spirit of Truth. Blue clarifies, on a spiritual level, what is important and what is the priority.  

Blue teaches us to trust in the Divine Plan filling ourselves with our inner “being-ness”, compassion, strength and tolerance. Trusting in the Divine Plan brings us peace and knowing that we are one with the Universe. Blue helps us find our truth through words and songs.  

As a color therapist, I always use Blue to calm the nerves and emotions. If restless, Blue brings stillness and peace. Through the stillness that Blue brings, we are able to hear clear communication with our Divine voice, our higher self. 

Blue and the Chakras

Blue is associated with the fifth or Throat chakra, Vishuddha. Vishuddha means “purification”, communication, self-expression and creativity through sound. Not everyday chatter, but purposeful thoughts and speech in order to express the essence of our true selves.  Through this chakra, we learn the importance of  recognizing how we FEEL and to communicate and express how we feel when necessary.    

The Throat is associated with the ether element and the fluid aspects of the planet Mercury. In Chinese medicine, blue is linked with the element of water. The water element represents the life force, feeding our creativity. Water is change and flow, the rhythm within. It ebbs and flows. 

The Throat Chakra is the first of the higher centers. When this Chakra is open and functioning appropriately, thought and speech slow down and communication is more purposeful. Emotional issues related to the throat would include the inability to express our feelings and not being “heard” by others. Physical issues include issues related to the thyroid, respiratory system, esophagus, neck, jaw and voice.    

The Healing Power of Blue

Blue is cooling, an anti-inflammatory and antiseptic. It will take the heat out of inflamed areas, the sharpness out of stings and alleviates itches and rashes. With its cooling properties, Blue cools the system helping to reduce fevers. Blue feeds the respiratory system and has a direct link with the thyroid. It can be used to help with insomnia, high blood pressure and even eating disorders. 

Blue in Nature

As with most of the colors, we receive Blue through sunlight, through the colors of nature and through food. Nature provides Blue through the sky, blue rocks and blue water. The color Blue, as a pigment, is incredibly rare in nature. Those few animals that do carry blue, like a particular butterfly and a few birds, including the Blue Jay, express the Blue color due to structure or the shape of the surface rather than pigment. I know this is over my head, but it is interesting! 

Food provides Blue through blueberries and blue corn and there are very few flowers that are Blue! The cornflower and borage are two examples. These are just a few of the ways that nature provides Blue. Take notice and observe where nature is giving you Blue! Lie on a blanket underneath the Blue sky and allow the Blue energy to feed your soul!

Stay tuned for Indigo, the Spirit of Deep Peace!