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Akashic Records:  the pot of gold

Originally posted: November 22, 2017 

The Pot of Gold 

Once again, I’m writing about Akashic Records! Why? Because the Akash is an important topic and it is truly the POT OF GOLD! We’ve always searched for the pot of gold and I’m telling you, this is it. Once old souls fully understand the significance of the Akashic Records, this will become crystal clear. 

There are several books written on the Akashic Records and they mostly deal with the important topics of using the Akashic Records to change the past, understanding how we are recording our current lives in the NOW moments and stressing the ability to change the future through the NOW. And yes, these are important tools that we can use to change our lives significantly. 

However, I want to take these concepts to a deeper level! Let’s talk about an attribute of the Akash Records we haven’t talked about yet.

The Power of Many YOUs

Those reading this blog are Old Souls. I can assure you, a new or younger soul wouldn’t be drawn to this blog. What does it mean to be an Old Soul? It means that the Old Soul has experienced the greatest number of lifetimes and therefore they have Records that house the most knowledge and wisdom. They contain the most experiences and talents.

Yes, that’s correct, tons of life experiences, abilities, talents, wisdom and knowledge! ALL THESE LIVES JUST SITTING THERE WAITING TO BE PLUCKED, UNEARTHED, UNCOVERED, REKINDLED, ACTIVATED AND REMEMBERED!

Excavating the Akashic Records

Let me ask you. Do you think that all these lifetimes could be sitting energetically within us and we wouldn’t have access to them? Does that make sense given our current spiritual knowledge and the new energies on the planet? Do you believe it? What if we DO have access to the experiences and knowledge? What if we have access to every lifetime when we were self-confident instead of insecure, patient instead of carrying the energy of waiting and waiting, brave and courageous instead of mostly fearful? What if this is the whole purpose of the Akashic Records? 

What are you interested in? What are you drawn to but afraid to pursue? Do you want to write a book, become an artist, become a shaman? Yet, you are hesitating, you are afraid to step forward, you have something holding you back?

Everything is Changeable

I’m certain of one thing, everything is changeable! What would be the purpose of having a record inside of us that contains all we’ve ever been, lifetime after lifetime, and then denied access to it? Even so, it’s still hard to believe. Fear comes up doesn’t it? The fear of the UNKNOWN! But remember from the last blog, the KNOWN doesn’t exist. All we have is the UNKNOWN, the field of all possibilities!

Wow, if this is possible, then I can shift my life in tremendous ways, ways I never dreamed of. I can reclaim what really belongs to me. I can exchange current attributes with those from the past that I’d rather have. Whatever I was born with doesn’t matter. I control everything! 

Contemplate this Old Soul!