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Mystical Gems of Truth

What I Believe to be True

I put this list of mystical truths together for a workshop that I conducted in 2017! This is a summary of some of the discoveries I’ve made over an extended period. I realize that a list of bullet points is rather dry and boring, but it felt good to list some of my understandings, in a specific order, and then read them. I hope the list is helpful to you. As you read them, notice how each one FEELS to you! Is it true? What does your intuition say? 

  • Everything is energy, the energy of light and sound! 
  • The mind is energy, the energy of thought.
  • The mind does not reside in one spot in the body.
  • The mind is in all the cells of the physical body and is present in the egg- shaped energy field around the body.
  • We have a personal energy field that is within a larger energy field.
  • This personal energy field is the mind and through which we create our personal reality or life. It is the canvas upon which we paint our reality.
  • The sum of our life experience is from our thinking, emotions and feelings.
  • The body is a crystallization of the mind. 
  • The auric field is where we connect with other people and to universal intelligence.
  • We use only about 10% of our auric field. We tend to focus on the same things over and over when we have infinite potentials that await us.
  • The auric field is a replica of the UNIVERSE! We are powerful.
  • The language of the UNIVERSE, and the personal auric field, is THOUGHT, EMOTIONS & FEELINGS!
  • The chakras, the 8 spinning vortexes of energy that line the center of the body are separate centers of the mind that operate independently and in concert with each other through bands of color forming the auric field or light body.
  • The human body is a musical instrument based on an octave with each chakra being a note of that octave.
  • Together the chakras form the overall frequency of the auric field.
  • Each chakra is a complete thinking entity with special functions.
  • Sickness begins in the auric field first. Repeated thoughts and undigested emotions form a matrix of energy that have a frequency. These attract other energies of the same frequency. Overtime these grow energetically and eventually drop into the physical body.
  • Specific emotions are related energetically to specific organs.
  • The channel of the mind is the whole body and heart chakra is the root of the mind. The place of love.
  • Most of our thinking goes on below the conscious mind in the sub-conscious mind and we aren’t aware of it.
  • The sub-conscious mind is a repository of tapes, limiting beliefs and old wounds that run in the background and we are mostly unaware of them.
  • A belief is a thought we think over and over.
  • We are like walking billboards attracting the same experiences over and over, creating the same life over and over.
  • We tend to repeat our thoughts based on memory and our emotions are the response to the memories.
  • When something happens in our current life that triggers us, a flood of emotions come to the surface with a message or story to tell us.
  • Typically, we repress or express the feelings behind the emotions. Every time we repress or express the emotion this reinforces them, they grow.
  • When we react emotionally, we get pulled into ocean of our emotions like a rip tide.
  • When we shift out of reaction and move into the center of the feeling, the attention is a flame that allows it to flower, digest and process. This is Alchemy. 
  • The ability to feel something, to find its core, lessens it’s grasp on us.
  • Energy moves – everything in life is liquid – nothing is static.
  • Depression, anger, fear, apathy etc. are all energy and therefore, they can shift.
  • The cells, including the DNA (epigenetics), are eavesdropping on the mind.
  • Resistance and judgement are the glue that holds patterns together.
  • Conclusions, like judgements, are a prison.
  • There is no such thing as the KNOWN.
  • Sound and color, by their very nature, transmute emotions and increase the capacity to hold light in the auric field. 
  • With the application of sound & color, the mind unravels, the field expands, the ego shrinks and our frequency increases. We reclaim our power, a piece of our essence.
  • GENIUS is a frequency, a connection to SOURCE.
  • As our frequency increases, we begin to attract new life experiences and old experiences drop away.
  • As our frequency increases, our intuition and connection to Higher Self also increase exponentially.
  • Imagination, infused with feeling, is a tool of consciousness that we can use to create new patterns or stories.
  • When we change ourselves, we change the world because we are all entangled and connected!