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The Alchemy of Red

Red is the Fire of Life 

We begin our journey through the visible, spectral rainbow colors starting with the fiery color of RED! Red has the longest wavelength, the lowest frequency and the slowest vibration.  This color is HOT. It’s the fire of the spectrum as it increases passion, raises body heat and increases circulation! 

This color is important for all living things. When a person dies, their body is cold. A live body is warm. Without fire and heat, cold causes contraction. There would be no physical motion or activity without the fire and heat of the color red.

Those of us who live in Northern States realize the importance of heat during the winter months. Sometimes we get so cold, it’s as if we are paralyzed to do anything. Red is the color that can keep us warm on extremely frigid days. It keeps us in motion while we wait for spring!

Red and the Chakras

It makes sense that the color red has the lowest vibration as it is linked with the first chakra, the Muladhara, the Root. The Root Chakra, along with the color Red, is associated with basic human survival, our physical needs and sexuality. This is where we connect and ground to Mother EARTH. 

If we have a strong Root Chakra, we can better open our Spiritual Channel as we move forward on our life journey. This root chakra is where our security lies. It connects us to our blood line from this life time as well as other life times. 

The Red in our Root Chakra is linked to the heart and the life force in our blood. It is also linked to the adrenal glands that sit on top of our kidneys. Red is linked to the beat of the drum, like the beating of the pulse and color of our blood!

The Healing Power of Red

By using the power of Red appropriately, we gain a strong will to live. Red raises our passion, body temperature, stimulates the heart and increases circulation. Red builds up red blood cells, strengthens stamina and increases appetite. Red is associated with the bowels, hips, pelvis, joints and the base of the spine. 

Too much red can cause us to feel agitated, angry, frustrated or even cause anxiety. 

Red in Nature

We can receive the color Red through sunlight or through the colors of nature and through food. Nature provides it through the reds in a flower, the reds in a sunrise, a camp fire, the red rocks in the southwest and in the changing of the leaves in the fall. Food provides red through beets, red peppers, the skin or a red apple, strawberries in the summer and pomegranates in the fall. 

These are just a few of the ways that nature provides the color Red. Take notice and observe where nature is giving you the color RED!

Stay tuned for Orange, the spirit of JOY!