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Akashic Records:  your soul’s map

Originally posted: August 1, 2017

The Akashic Records 

It’s time to explore another powerful tool of consciousness, the Akashic Records. The more we explore and immerse ourselves in the inner realms of the unseen world, the better life gets! I’m all for that!

Like many of the blogs I’ve written prior to this one, I’m writing about a multi-dimensional or quantum energy that makes up the invisible world. The records are a system of energy that keeps track of and imprints every life time we’ve ever had including our decisions, experiences and knowledge. Can you imagine a non-physical place where our loves, joys and tragedies live in memory? 

The records contain the essence of everything we’ve ever done including future potentials or possibilities! How is it possible that they contain future potentials? As I said, the records are multi-dimensional or quantum. When something exists in a quantum state, it exists as a potential. In other words, it’s not static or cast in stone!

The quantum world is difficult for our linear mind to grasp. But essentially, it means that things are predisposed to act or be a certain way based on the current energy. It also means everything has the potential to change as the energy changes!

The Purpose of the Akashic Records

This is yet another system of benevolence and love, that’s perfectly designed for assisting in personal life lessons and to unravel the puzzle of awareness or consciousness. The Akash is a sacred library! Once we know and understand the workings of the Akashic records, everything we’ve learned and experienced from every lifetime we’ve lived is available to us for growth and expansion.

We all have an innate desire to grow in awareness and unravel the mysteries of life. We long to change certain patterns, become a “better” person, learn from our past and create a brighter future. The Akashic records are a wonderful avenue for all this and more!

The Power of the Akashic Records

What a gift it is to be able to tap into our own library of spiritual knowledge. What a gift it is to be able to view eons of our lives, uncover hidden creative expression, locate limiting patterns and retrieve information. Best of all, we have the ability to shift the potential of the future, based on what is revealed, if we are willing to change our energy! It’s true!

There’s much more that needs to be said about the Akashic records. Stay tuned for the next blog!