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Higher Self: the cosmic self

Originally posted: June 21, 2017 

The Pineal Gland

From the physical perspective, the pineal gland, located in the middle of our head, is a tiny endocrine gland that produces melatonin for sleep, regulates our circadian rhythm and regulates reproductive hormones. To say the least, this is a very important gland. 

From the spiritual perspective, the pineal gland is associated with intuitive thought and related to the 3rd eye or the 6th chakra (indigo color), the wisdom and connection to the higher dimensions. And you guessed it, it’s related to our Higher Self! I like to call this our cosmic antennae

As I indicated in the previous blog regarding the Higher Self, Higher doesn’t mean “better than”, it refers to the frequency of the vibration. It’s a very HIGH frequency or vibration along with INTUITIVE thought and, of course another favorite, IMAGINATION! The physical part of us vibrates at a much lower frequency.

These are tools of consciousness to help us on this human journey. The thing is, we get caught up in our physical and personal world and forget about this important part of ourselves. Based on what’s currently happening and how people are feeling, it’s a sure sign we are not using these gifts enough in our lives! So, my job is to keep speaking up and reminding myself and YOU that these tools are only a breath away!

Tiny Perspective versus Big Perspective

I wonder why we resist taking the time to tap into this connection? I’m sure it’s partly because it’s hard to grasp the expansiveness of who we are. We have a tough time believing that we have access to unlimited fields of information and guidance. We have a challenging time understanding that the physical part of us is just a pin prick of our existence, that the physical part of us is just the edge of us while the rest of us extends out into the finer and finer energies of the universe. 

We’re in this reality to gain a BIG perspective! There is a part of us that fully understands all of it……the HIGHER SELF. The Higher Self has the BIG perspective and knows that we can create or un-create anything about our lives. I love this quote by Albert Einstein. Do you think Albert Einstein was CONNECTED? I can’t speak for him, but based on the limited information I know about him, he was connected to universal intelligence and it was just a way of life for him.

“The world as we have created it is a process of our thinking. It cannot be changed without changing our thinking.” ― Albert Einstein

No offense to Albert Einstein intended, but I decided to tweak his quote: “The world as we have created it is a process of the frequency of our energy. It cannot be changed without changing the frequency of the energy we put out to the world.”

Both are true. Thinking and thoughts are energy and they have a vibration or frequency to them! I’m just bringing in a new PERSPECTIVE!


By tapping into our Expanded Self or Higher Self, we are opening to those unseen parts of ourselves. What is the best way to do that? It’s through FOCUS and through EXPERIENCING or FEELING what’s there, the connection. Why? Because whatever we focus on expands. The more we focus on the Higher parts of ourselves, the more we remember how powerful we are. 

Experience is where wisdom and KNOWING come from. It’s not from the intellectual part of us. That’s why my work focuses on experiencing and feeling in workshops and during in-person sessions.

I gave instructions in the previous blog about how to connect to your Higher Self. Check it out!

Guidance is received and experienced in many ways

There are many ways that we receive guidance from and through our higher nature. Everyone will have their most common way or even multiple ways. Guidance typically comes in fast and fleeting. Here are the most common ways:

  •  Images and visuals
  •  Voices
  •  Sound and color
  •  Blocks of thought
  •  Gut reaction, shivers or chills
  •  Dreams
  •  Memories
  •  Knowing

Over time, it is likely you will gain multiple methods of communication.

Common Struggles to Connection

First, we must set aside time daily and practice. The more we practice the better it gets. Whenever we learn something new, for example, cooking, golf, skiing, a new job, a new baby, etc., we must keep practicing until we get good at it, until it becomes second nature. Once that happens, it’s no longer work. We KNOW. It becomes a way of life! I’m reminding myself as I remind you!

If sometimes you wonder if you are truly connecting to your Higher Self and you have doubts, here are a few reasons you might be struggling:

  • You might be in your head and not your heart. In whatever way works best for you, attempt to create space between your busy thoughts. Maybe get out in nature, listen to calming melodic music, take 10 slow deep breaths or sit in silence. These suggestions work for me. From this calm place make another attempt to drop in to the core of your being. Use your imagination as directed in the previous blog regarding the Higher Self. If you aren’t in a calm place, you may not be receiving the most accurate information. 

  You might be focused on what you are hoping for or expecting the guidance to be instead of really listening. If you are fixated on a specific answer, you could be missing out on a world of possibilities that you can’t see yet. Remember that your physical self is only seeing a tiny perspective whereas the Greater You has the BIG perspective. Be open to the unexpected.

  •  You might be receiving guidance but you find is hard to trust. You might let your mind immediately start arguing about the guidance. It’s important to trust and then follow through on the guidance. Again, guidance from this higher perspective will never lead you astray!

I ask you, does it make sense to listen to the part of yourself that is tapped into universal resources or to listen to the smaller you with a greatly narrowed perspective! Only you can answer that question for yourself.