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Higher Self: the Spirit within

What is the Higher Self

I like to refer to this part of ourselves as the Expanded Self or Greater Self versus Higher Self. The word Higher leans toward a belief of “better than”. Plus, I just like to mix things up. I love words and these words provide a broader perspective as we contemplate the concept of an expanded part of ourselves! Contemplate this! The Divine Self!

Of course, I’m not the ultimate expert on all Spiritual matters, but this is what I feel to be true about this Expanded part of ourselves. Our Higher Self is the divine part of ourselves. The Higher Self is the God or Spirit within. 

The Higher Self or Expanded Self is a truly sacred part of us. It’s the portal or cosmic connection to the other side, to universal intelligence, to divinity! When we intentionally drop into the core of our being, we get to experience and connect with this side of ourselves. This is a magical, powerful muscle that we need to keep exercising. 

Here’s the part I really love! The Expanded Self is a supportive, loving friend, an ally that has been with us for eons. This friend is deep and wise and knows everything about us including our desires, dreams and hesitations. This friend has our back!

The benefits of a Connection to our Expanded Self

What are the benefits to a deep and sound connection to this finer, higher vibrational part of ourselves?

  • Enhanced intuition
  • Communication with Spirit
  • Answers and solutions not previously accessible
  • Answers and solutions from a broader perspective
  • More balance, stability and centeredness
  • Knowing that you are not alone
  • An expanded view of life
  • Guidance toward broader potentials and possibilities
  • Constant support
  • Knowing that you are loved, protected and celebrated
  • A more creative and magical life

Wow! Who would say No to this?! Yes, bring it on!

How to Connect

Those of you who have read some of my previous blogs will not be surprised to hear that one of the best ways to connect to the Expanded Self is through the IMAGINATION! Imagination is communication with spirit! When you engage your imagination, you bring in high frequency light. High frequency light, a higher, finer vibration is needed to connect with the Greater You.

Give yourself the space to be quiet and intentionally “drop in” to the core of your being. You begin with engaging your imagination. You might have an intention or question to be answered or maybe your intention is to be open to whatever communication you receive. You allow yourself to relax and drop in more and more. Eventually, the imagination takes on a life of its own, no longer guided by you. 

Before you know it, you are having a two-way communication with the Expanded you! You are connecting to your intuition, connecting to the information and wisdom available through spirit. This takes practice and as I said above, it’s a muscle that must be exercised over and over.

How to be a Successful Connector to the Greater You

It’s important that we take time every day to sit and be quiet, to drop into ourselves. It’s important to stop the constant doing and develop a habit of quiet and solitude! If we are unwilling to take this time, it is unlikely we will be able to establish a profound connection with our expanded self. 

Once we make this daily commitment to “drop in”, it’s important to be open to answers and solutions that are outside the parameters we are expecting or wanting based on what we think we need or desire! The thing is, Spirit can see things that we can’t even imagine! Spirit sees the unlimited potentials and what’s best for us.

Lastly, it’s important to listen and trust. This portal gives us the truth every time. Once we receive guidance, it’s important to accept it. If we allow the mind to start the incessant questioning, the old linear world wins again. This communication is multi-dimensional!

Practice, practice, practice! Remember, in order to understand who we truly are, we must experience it over and over. The more you practice this communication and connection, the better it gets. The better it gets, the better it gets!