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Weaving a New Reality: the power of imagination

Originally posted: March 18, 2017

Imagination is Important

“Imagination creates reality. Man is all imagination.” ~ Neville Goddard

“The world is but a canvas to our imagination.” ~ Henry David Thoreau

“Logic will get you from A to B. Imagination will take you everywhere.” ~ Albert Einstein

“Everything that you are living here in this physical body, you have imagined the essence of it before you are living it.” ~ Abraham ~ Hicks

Reactive Life Plan

Unfortunately, this is the life most of us lead. We don’t realize we’re doing it, but we spend our time reacting emotionally to life events and emotional reacting is the glue that keeps us stuck with the same life scenarios over and over. Before we know it, we’ve mostly created the present as a replica of the past and we’re dumbfounded as to how it happened. 

For greater clarification and because I think it’s important, the next paragraph is from the previous blog on Let Go First!

Thank God for EMOTIONS! Emotions tell us where we are stuck. Imagine if we didn’t have this indicator. Our emotions, like sadness, anger, fear, etc. are pointing us to our current creations, keeping us on the same old path and telling us what’s coming. 

Once we follow the emotions, they lead us to the feelings underneath that need to be digested. Once those old feelings are processed, space is created for something new. 

Intentional Life Plan

Sure, we always need to keep pulling out the weeds mentioned above, the limiting beliefs, that are literally encoded into our blessed vibrational auric field that then attract experiences of a similar unwanted frequency. 

However, remember, we are beings of light and sound, a replica of the universe and, as such, we are creative by our very nature. I know it sounds crazy, but we can have anything we desire. Part of our journey in this life is to finally understand our own power, who we truly are and start creating consciously.

Dare to Dream

It’s important to DREAM. This is part of designing a life, not allowing it to happen haphazardly! What do you desire from life? If you could have anything, what would some of those things be? Give yourself permission to desire and dream. Dust of the old dreams and make a list of new ones. Dare, dare, dare to dream, dream, dream!

Be brave! Brave people look at “what is” and unabashedly fantasize and believe it can be different.

The Alchemy of Imagination

It’s important to know what you want in life, so begin that process if you haven’t already started it.  However, most people have a few desires that they are clear about and have wanted for a very long time! In other words, it’s important to get started. Start practicing right away honing in on the process of using the imagination to create something new.

What is imagination anyway? Imagination is a process where you start with the creation of a vision, a vision of something you desire. Yes, that’s right. It’s kind of like daydreaming. You are using the intellect to create a vision. Sit or lie down and enter into the imagined daydream. While in the daydream you are experiencing your desire and how your life would be as if it’s happening NOW! You completely immerse yourself in your imagined creation. You are literally living in it! YOU FEEEEEEEL IT, SEE IT, TASTE IT, SMELL IT, HEAR IT AND DROOL OVER IT. 

As Neville Goddard would say, “You become the wish fulfilled.” And, as you become it, your frequency soars! Remember, the universe gives us precisely what we are vibrating! This process encodes or programs your dream into the intelligent and creative energetic force field that runs in, around and through you.

Once this encoding takes place, it must appear in the physical world, it’s universal law!