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Let Go First: the universe will fill the void with your desires

Originally posted February 7, 2017 

Repressed Desires

Sometimes we repress a desire simply because it has taken soooo long. We believe it’s not meant to be and it’s darn painful to think about it! But, the thing is, the past is not a guarantee of the future and it definitely doesn’t predict the future, unless we allow it to. Just ask the New England Patriots about some of their Super Bowl wins. If they believed that the first half was a predictor of the second half (all great symbolism), they wouldn’t have won those games! They shifted the energy BIG TIME!

Stuffing down the capacity to feel a desire keeps the pain associated with it from being dissolved or burned away. Honestly, it’s best to bring it out, dust it off, FEEL it, and give it another “look see”. Once we release the repressed feelings and the misperception that things are going to continue to be stuck, we’ll know whether it’s still a worthy desire or dream. 



I know this might sound crazy, but, if we still have not received a BIG desire, it’s possible that there’s some resistance to the actual desire. I know, it sounds crazy that we could be resisting exactly what we want, but it’s true. This resistance is hidden within the subconscious mind. Fortunately, resistance is actually easy to find. We simply follow the trail of our emotions. Emotions are the indicators that lead us to our resistance. 

Thank God for EMOTIONS! Sure, emotions are not creative, but they tell us where we are stuck. Imagine if we didn’t have this indicator. So our emotions, like sadness, anger, fear, etc. are pointing us to our current creations, keeping us on the same old path and tell us what’s coming. 

Once we follow the emotions, they lead us to the feelings underneath that need to be digested. Once those old feelings are processed, a new path is automatically created. In addition, we get the fun job of FEELING our way to new creations because Feelings are creative! 

Growing is about pushing through our resistances. Resistances are just energy after all. Resistance is just another limiting belief that keeps everything where it is and protects and covers our other unhealthy beliefs.

Chariot Energy

When our energy is split, we feel like we aren’t moving forward. We tend to get distracted by the places where we see the opposite of what we want. I’ll give you the analogy of Chariot Energy. Two horses with one going in the direction of, I don’t have what I want and the other going in the direction of what I do desire. It’s hard to get anywhere with two horses going in opposite directions.

The thing is, we’re in charge of the reigns and the horses and, therefore, where we are going.



Trust is BIG in the process of attracting what we desire. Do we trust spirit or universal intelligence? Are we micro-managing and trying to control everything? When we feel that someone special in our life doesn’t trust us, how does that feel? Not great! Remember, when we don’t trust, we’re putting out the energy of Dis-trust! When we are In-trust with spirit we are pre-paving an energetic pattern of where we want to be.

Order vs Timing

Several years ago, someone said to me, “We have a misperception about timing. It’s not really about timing as much as it is about order, divine order!” It has stuck with me to this day and it makes sense to me. Divine order is when everything is completely lined up, when everything is in perfect order. It’s part of the process, divine process. 


We can’t bring anything in without creating an opening, so we must LET GO! Once we Let Go of these limitations, there’s a void created. The Universe hates a void and will want to fill it. We just have to be ready to fill it with our dreams.