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Change Takes True Courage: Facing the habit of fear

Originally posted: March of 2016

Ride the Wave of Change

Change has been my way of life for a very long time. Experience has taught me that it’s important that we all learn to ride the wave of change from a place of allowance instead of resistance. While it’s not always easy, it’s very important. I have much more to say about change.   

Get Used to Change

Yes, it’s true, change is the new normal. Most of us resist change, even the change we say we desire. Why? Change brings up fear because the changes happening now are going to cause even more changes! The TRUTH is, fear is a learned response, a habit.  If we pause in the NOW moment and let it pass through our energy field, we will know fear for what it is, a distraction to keep us from our true path. 

Resistance or Flow

The thing is – change is good. In order to experience the most that life has to offer we have to be willing to immerse ourselves in change. Autopilot is no longer an option. It doesn’t matter if we are intentionally creating a change or one is happening against our will, the process “shakes up” the emotional terrain (in Ayurveda it’s referred to the emotional body)! Change is a form of maturity! If we resist change, it keeps us stuck, life gets harder and we create more suffering for ourselves. If we move toward non-resistance, or flow, the transition is much easier.

The Price of Resistance or Avoidance

We aren’t here to stay the same. We are meant for growth and that means change. Change brings our fears to the surface to be released. If we go through life resisting or avoiding our feelings, the price is very high, mentally, spiritually, emotionally and physically. Eventually, illness is the price we pay and a life far from the fulfilling one we deserve. How much are you willing to give up in order to avoid your feelings?

The Treasures of Showing Up – Again and Again for Ourselves

I wasn’t kidding when I said change takes true courage. It’s not easy going within and being present with our feelings. But, as we develop the skills of meeting ourselves over and over, we allow the possibility of life changing in ways we never dreamed possible. We get closer to our true self, our perceptions change and life takes on a whole new freedom. 

Take heart, fellow traveler. As we continue to show up again and again with bravery and persistence, to retrieve deeper and deeper parts of ourselves, our world will be enhanced as a result. I believe we’re walking the path of the mystic, a “modern day mystic”. Try it on for a few days and see how it feeeeeels!