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Holistic  Medicine : What Are The Biggest Misunderstandings?

Relax and Enjoy the Journey

Holistic Medicine is a totally different ballgame than Allopathic Medicine.  When you make the conscious choice to embark on the journey of holistic medicine you have to give up the idea of instant gratification.  It’s hard to make the switch, but when you do the end results are much more gratifying than you could have ever hoped for!

Natural medicine gives you the opportunity to heal the physical body while at the same time heal the emotional side.  Did you realize that the body is merely a reflection of the quality of the mind and emotions?  The body is constantly sending or texting you messages about what needs to be healed.  Healing is so natural for the body, but are you listening?

One Size Does Not Fit All

Many people will read a book about their issue, maybe find an herb at the health food store that looks promising or watch someone on tv discussing their situation and then attempt to treat themselves.  This may work just fine, or it can really backfire.  For example, taking a guggul preparation for cholesterol long term can actually loosen the joints!  The problem is that advice from a book or tv is too general.  Health challenges have many variations and complexities, not to mention the uniqueness of each individual.  What will logically work for one person may not work for someone else.

Take the common burp for example!  Sounds simple right?  Yes, it can be simply the message the body sends when it’s full or it can be from eating too fast or a result of taking in carbonated beverages.  However, there can be serious reasons why someone is burping.  These include lots of mucus in the stomach with undigested food, insufficient enzymes or stomach acid, dehydration or even bacteria or parasites.  The treatment method for each one of these scenarios may be fairly simple, however, the quality of the symptoms need to be diagnosed properly.  What are the possible emotional components to burping?  Did you realize that excessive burping can be griping fear, holding on and/or responsibility overload?  The truth is, if you also address the emotional component, you stand a much better chance of healing the burping and preventing those emotions from causing another issue in another area of the body!  Make sense?

Small Consistent Steps Reap Big Dividends over Time

Also, most people can’t believe that the correct simple natural remedies in conjunction with looking at the emotions could possibly work.  Although the final solution can be simple, it doesn’t mean it’s easy. As humans we grab for the easiest quickest result and therefore, we tend to give up too soon and erroneously think that natural / holistic medicine doesn’t work.  With natural / holistic medicine it’s about consistency and duration for long term gain.  In order to make profound change you have to have profound motivation.

Natural / Holistic medicine is about the journey and what you learn along the way.  The destination feels that much better when you get there.