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Minding the Mind: a belief is only a thought we keep thinking

Minding the Mind 

What does this mean?  Before we get to that, I just want to say that the fairly recent incident regarding Brian Williams losing the nightly news anchor position he had for several years is the inspiration for this newsletter.  As many of you probably know, back in 2015, Brian Williams was suspended from anchoring the nightly news for six months due to misrepresenting his experiences when covering the Iraq war.  

He essentially made statements, which according to others present at the time, are simply not true.  Let me just say, this is not being written in judgment of Brian Williams.  Far from it!  I just consider this to be a great example of the importance of Minding the Mind and what happens when we don’t.

The Subconscious Mind Controls the Show

The reality is that all of us are walking around believing something about ourselves that simply isn’t true.  If we think a certain thought long enough, it literally becomes true in our subconscious mind, known as our personal “hard drive.” And the subconscious mind controls the show of our lives!!  That is unless we are consciously minding it and dissolving or releasing the old worn out beliefs, habits and tapes that are deposited below the surface.  

How did these beliefs get there?  The energy of the mind is thought.  Thoughts enter into the subconscious mind by:

  • Repeated parental comments
  • Traumatic experiences 
  • Habits 
  • The very thoughts that we keep thinking over and over, ad nauseam!!!  

A Belief is a Thought that We Keep on Thinking

A belief is only a thought that we keep on thinking, until it literally becomes a dense energy pattern in our auric field and then it becomes part of our physical reality.

Some common examples of repetitive thoughts include: “I’m not deserving”, “I’m not wanted”, and the other biggie is “I’m not good enough.”  Most of the time these beliefs are not true—they’re illusions—yet they persist and affect our lives in a profound way as we create our lives day in and day out based on these illusions.  

Since most of us don’t anchor the nightly news or have a public presence, they go mostly under the radar. We continue to create our lives based on untrue beliefs and thereby we miss out on the fulfilling life we deserve.

The mind is a powerful tool and that’s why it’s important to understand how it works and how to effectively “mind it” so we can live a more authentic life. After all, who would own a powerful tool and not know how to use it or control it?

I will continue to write about the mind and how it works.  So, I hope you will join me to explore this most intriguing topic, including tips on what to do at home to change your mind!